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Quartz Suppliers Nottingham, East Midlands

Engineered quartz worktops are the latest trend in kitchen design, and if installed with mirror sections is an impressive benefit to any kitchen. When the light hits the mirror pieces the tiles twinkle and sparkle to give a star burst impression. Quartz worktops are 95% quartz and 5% resins, the higher the quartz content the lesser amount of scratch resistance the worktops have, so incorporating resins will therefore produce a low maintenance product with a 0.02% water absorption rate. Our quartz kitchen worktops come in a variety of colours to suit all tastes. 

Both granite and quartz surfaces have a reasonably low upkeep as worktop surfaces.
Often, regular cleaning with mild soap and water will keep your kitchen worktops looking virtually new for a very long time

Easy Granite Company’s highly proficient and exceptional stonemasons fashion, produce, and by way of age-old methods, create merchandise which is the only one of its kind – especially for you.